Great hydration starts with great water. We use state of the art purification to produce crystal clear water. Then we add delicious fruit flavours to create a thirst quenching drink.


Going to the gym with one bottle of water is sadly not enough to keep properly hydrated. With access to a choice of 6 delicious flavours, keeping hydrated when exercising has never been so easy.


Our flavourings have zero sugar & less than 5 calories per drink with added vitamins and L-Carnitine. So as well as tasting good, they are doing you good.

Good for your members, good for the planet. With millions of single use plastic drinks bottles being discarded every day, by using re-usable bottles we can help reduce the plastics in our oceans. This also supports your organisation’s sustainability drive and reduces carbon footprint.

The Vitapure Drinks Company offers the complete solution to hydration in gyms. With over 10 years’ experience, we install, maintain, service and supply all the consumables just when you need them. With state of the art internet connectivity, problems are fixed remotely within minutes. Getting you back up and drinking with minimal delay.

The simple subscription based payment system provides a regular, sustainable additional income stream. Member access to the Vitastream drink station can be tailored to your own gym’s login system, whether biometrics, RFID tag or PIN.

Key benefits


  • Low fixed monthly cost for members; easy for gyms to administer


  • Choice of 6 delicious, healthy drinks to help improve hydration

  • Simple installation and ongoing servicing

  • Great additional benefit for members and revenue for gyms


  • Self service and easy to use, no staff required to serve and no waiting


  • Designed with your gym’s name to promote your brand

Benefits for Health and Fitness Clubs


  • An innovative user friendly solution to providing your members with a real benefit

  • A system that generates substantial and sustainable additional income stream


  • Environmentally friendly product which supports your sustainability drive and reduces carbon footprint


Benefits for Members


  • Saves money compared with bottles or cans

  • Convenient, cash free drinks

  • Great tasting and healthier way to stay hydrated and improve performance