Healthier than sports drinks



There are three main types of sports drinks – hypotonic, isotonic and hypertonic


  • Hypotonic drinks contain a low to moderate amount of carbohydrates (less than 4g, or 1 teaspoon, per 100ml) and are designed to replace the fluids you lose during exercise. 


  • Isotonic drinks contain a high amount of carbohydrate (4 to 8g, or 1 to 2 teaspoons, per 100ml). As well helping to replace fluid, they will also go some way towards topping up your body’s carbohydrate stores. These can sometimes get low if you exercise strenuously for more than an hour.


  • Hypertonic fluids have a very high concentration of carbohydrate (more than 8g, or more than 2 teaspoons, per 100ml). At this level the body will absorb them more slowly than water but may give a boost with refuelling.


Vitastream® - healthier than many so called ‘healthy’ or ‘energy’ drinks.


Comparison of drinking 500ml of these popular drinks.


Ribena – Blackcurrant 500ml 52.6g of sugar or 13 teaspoons


Innocent Smoothie 250ml 34.3g of sugar or 8.5 teaspoons equivalent of 17 teaspoons for 500ml


This Water Pure Squeezed Lemon & Limes 250ml 21.3g sugar or 5 teaspoons equivalent of 10 teaspoons for 500ml

Lucozade Sport Elite Orange 500ml 40g sugar or 10 teaspoons


For Goodness Shakes Sports Recovery Drink 475ml 50.3g sugar or 12.5 teaspoons equivalent to 13 teaspoons for 500ml


Vitastream Flavoured Waters 500ml 0g sugar or 0 teaspoons