Every question that you could think of!


Ok so maybe not every question. If there’s something we’ve missed then please email us.




What is a Vitastream Sports Hydration system?


It is a smart drinks machine that provides a choice of 6 fruit flavoured waters plus pure chilled water. It works via a friendly interactive self-service screen. It eliminates the need for disposable bottles or cans and will never run out.

How long do the flavour concentrates last?


Once opened they have a life of 3 months, but don’t worry, each one will be finished well before then.


What do I need to provide to get one?


That’s simple. A suitable space of 95cm x 70cm. Then a water supply, power supply and wired internet connection. That’s it, we’ll take care of the rest. 


Why does it need an internet connection?


It makes life easier for you. We can monitor the equipment remotely and know when it needs re-stocking with concentrate. We can also log in and make changes or fix problems within minutes of being reported. Getting the system back up and running and leaving you to focus on something else.


How much does a Vitastream Sports Hydration system cost?

Great question. The system more than pays for itself by the revenue generated leaving an exciting margin for you.  To provide a detailed proposal we need a little more information. However we know you will be delighted when you see the numbers. Please email us and we’ll be delighted to show you how it works.


Does the Vitastream need a waste supply?


No it doesn’t. If one is available then that can be used, but all our units contain a container to collect all the drips and spills. We also provide an alarm to let you know when it needs emptying.


Can we put our club brand onto the Vitastream unit?


Yes you can. The whole of the base can be branded by you with your gym name or whatever message that you would like.  In addition the screen can run special offers, promotions and even videos promoting your services to your members.


How many drinks can one Vitastream supply?


It is limitless because we supply replacement concentrates when they run out and change the filters on a regular bases. Just to give an idea of the capacity of a new system , it will provide 3,000 flavoured water drinks as well as continuous chilled purified water before needing any replacement concentrates. That’s a lot fewer bottles and cans being thrown into the rubbish.


Who installs and services the Vitastream Sports Hydration system?


We do. Simple as that. Our trained technicians will bring the unit to your premises, install it, programme it then train you and your staff how to use it. Our tracking system will then trigger us to come out and service it every month, ensuring you have sufficient stocks of concentrate as well.


Are the drinks ‘energy’ drinks?


No they are not. ‘Energy’ or ‘Sports’ drinks contain sugar as the source of energy. Our drinks contain zero sugar and less than 5 calories per 500ml serving. Our system is a convenient and healthy way of keeping hydrated during exercise. We don’t promote the use of sugar as part of a fitness programme.