The Flavours


The Vitastream Drink Station comes with 6 delicious flavours as well as pure, crystal clear water.







Our Filtration and Blending Process

As a leading supplier of water based drinks systems we have put together a unique filtration and blending process to produce delicious fresh, clean tasting drinks. It is computer controlled to provide the perfect flavoured drink, every time.


Stage 1: Pre-filter to remove any large particles in the water

Stage 2: Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) filter removes chlorine and chemicals.

Stage 3: Micro filtration removes particles down to less than 1 micron.

Stage 4: The pure water is freshly blended with healthy fruit concentrates.

Interesting Facts?

1. Our process filters the water down to 0.5 micron. To put this into context there are 1,000 microns across the top of a pinhead.

2. GAC has been used since Roman Times to filter water and it is so efficient that it is also used in gas masks.

3. Under a microscope GAC powder looks like popcorn and has such a huge surface area that 1 teaspoon of it has the same surface area as a football pitch.

What's in it?