Ian Webb                                                                            Richard Macadam

About us


The Vitastream Drink Station came out of an idea that originally begun in 1995 that buying water in bottles was more than just a fad. It had become a lifestyle for many people. However the negative environmental impact this caused was beginning to get attention from those who cared about the environment.

Being one of those, Ian started supplying drinking water systems that replaced the need to buy water in bottles, either the large cooler type or small single use. The first trade association for mains fed water systems was then formed in 2000 and Ian became its first European chairman.

Seventeen years later Ian realised the increasing demand for flavoured waters as a more interesting alternative to plain water. Hence The Vitapure Drinks Company was launched to provide a system that could supply flavoured water in a cost effective, convenient and healthy way.


“Water is accepted by most people as the most refreshing way to keep hydrated and quench your thirst. However it can be, dare I say it, a bit boring and un-exciting."


Richard joined the business having spent 20 years running hotels, fine dining and Michelin starred restaurants. Also being a trained chef, he conducted some taste testing sessions “I was very impressed by the natural flavours on the pallate and also the high quality of the authentic ingredients.”  Great customer service and exceeding customer’s needs have been literally meat and drink to Richard for many years.


Having found a reliable, high quality dispense system combined with zero sugar, low calorie and delicious fruit flavoured drinks, The Vitastream Drink Station was launched. “You could say it was an overnight success that took 20 years to get there!”